Product groups

Occupational safety

 Business services
 Central vacuum systems
 Chemical protective clothing
 Communication hearing protectors
 Ergonomic products
 Exhaust gas removal
 EX-protected products
 Eye and face protection equipment
 Eye protectors
 Face protectors
 Fall arresters
 Fall protection
 Filtering equipment
 First Aid
 First aid equipment
 Fixed fall-protection systems
 Gas alert devices
 Hand protectors
 Head protectors
 Hearing protectors
 ID card printers
 ID cards
 Industrial carpets
 IT services
 Knee protectors
 Lifting equipment
 Local ventilation
 Localized air conditioning
 Machine safety
 Measuring devices for noise and ground vibration exposure
 Measuring equipment
 Measuring instruments
 Noise and vibration reducers
 Noise and vibration suppression equipment
 Occupational safety legislation
 Occupational safety management system
 Occupational safety reporting system
 Other products and services
 Personal hygiene products
 Personal safety and security systems
 Protective clothing
 Protective curtains
 Protective devices attached to machines
 Protective gloves, hand and arm protectors
 Protective headgear
 Safety and security management
 Safety bars
 Safety cables
 Safety floors
 Safety footwear
 Safety goggles
 Safety shoes
 Safety signs
 Safety signs and stickers
 Sampling equipment and calibration
 Service automatics
 Signs and warning equipment
 Skin protection, protective creams
 Tests for intoxicants and drugs
 Textile care services
 Work clothing and high visibility clothing
 Work clothing and personal protective equipment services
 Workplace welfare

 First aid

 First aid cabinets
 First aid kits
 First aid markings
 Special packaging
 Dressings, bandages and disinfectants
 Protective equipment
 Emergency showers
 Emergency packs
 Stretchers and equipment
 Burn products
 Rescue sheets
 Eye rinsing
 Protective coverings
 Supports and splints
 Vacuum products
 Workplace first-aid surveys
 First aid equipment for workplaces
 Replenishment supplies

Environmental safety

Fire and rescue services

Personal safety equipment and accessories

Property protection and storage of valuables

Structural safety and security

Corporate and data security

Safety and security systems

Safety and security control

Safety and security operations and services

Insurance services

Information, training, consultation and publications

 Professional publications and information material
 Customer-specific training
 First-aid training
 Respirator training
 Organisations and unions
 Training material and equipment
 Hearing protection training
 Information services
 Instructions and manuals
 Risk management
 Inspection services
 Industry association
 Safety and Security Trade Fair
 Safety training and consultation
 Consultation related to upholding working capacity
 Corporate safety and security schemes

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