The four-industry trade fair compilation rescheduled from September until May

Press Release  08.06.2020

The EuroSafety, Workplace Welfare, Food and Drink Industry and Logistics trade fairs will be held next in May 2021. The EuroSafety and Workplace Welfare fairs will spread over three days 18.-20.5.2021 and the Food and Drink Industry and Logistics fairs will last for two days 19.-20.5.2012 at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. The four-industry trade fair compilation was originally supposed to take place in the second week of September. However, the organizer of the EuroSafety fair, the Finnish Work Safety Association STYL, along with the fair committees of all four fairs, i.e. specialist groups of each industry, came to the decision that September would be too early to organize such a large international fair compilation. Tampere Trade Fairs Group considers recommendations from authorities when making recommendations regarding rescheduling fair events.

According to the chair of the board of STYL, Mari Taskinen, the restrictions on assembly and travel affecting safety industry companies participating in the EuroSafety trade fair and professionals working with workplace safety have a significant impact on both fair-goers’ and exhibitors’ ability to participate in the event.

“Industry professionals want to act in the best possible way to advance safety. Organizing the event next spring when all interested professionals will have a better chance to participate in the event will be the best solution for everyone. A successful trade fair needs a wide range of industry operators, exhibitors, and fair-goers.”

Taskinen highlights that all STYL member companies hope to also be a part of bringing together an active, multi-faceted, rewarding fair experience that will excite fair-goers next spring.

A member of the Food and Drink Industry trade fair organizing committee, the CEO of the Finnish Bakery Federation Mika Väyrynen, understands postponing the event until next year.

“With respect of the current situation, the responsible thing to do is to postpone the event until next spring. Spring is a busy season in the bakery business when all kinds of celebrations keep bakeries busy, particularly in May. However, the new time slot is the best possible one out of available alternatives. Hopefully, visiting the fair will offer industry professionals a refreshing change amid a busy season.”.

Despite the change of schedule, preparations for the event compilation will continue as before, and the previously announced themes and program, as we all partnerships, will be a part of the event in May as planned.

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