Suggest program content to Eurosafety 2022

Does your company have a successful business case and would like to share it to the public? New solutions to the needs of the changing industry? Suggest an interesting topic and speaker!

Visitors to the trade fair are looking for new information and will have concrete access to the products and services offered by the exhibitors. There will be a wide range of service and product information, functional activities, as well as inspiring experiences and case studies at the Eurosafety trade fair.

What could your company offer for the event program? A speech by your company is an effective way to gather customer contacts at trade fairs and increase customer interest in your company. Exhibitors will be able to book one free 25-minute speaker slot from the stage in hall A. Suggest your program content, fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you. Interesting speeches and contents related to the themes of the trade fair are welcome on the program stage, not product presentations. There are a limited number of slots available, and we cannot guarantee a slot for everyone.